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Seiya Takeda, Digital Marketing Coordinator | Student Entrepreneur Development
Clive Mayhew - Profile

He is the chairman, non-executive director and principal investor of Open Learning an education technology company based in Kent St, Sydney. Clive holds an M.B.A. and a Masters of Wellness from the University of Melbourne; Bachelor Science (Hons) Computer Science and...

Shahe Momdjian | Program Manager, Startup Programs

We’ve been receiving a bunch of questions about the 2017 Startup Launch, for which applications are now open . We wanted to create this brief FAQ resource to help anyone thinking of applying – please feel free to share this and post additional questions below. We will reply as soon as possible...

Joshua Flannery

Header Image: Theresa Lim – Play2Lead

2017 Confucius China Studies Program – Young Leaders

“Study Tour for Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

As UNSW looks to take its China related innovation and entrepreneurship related...

Shahe Momdjian
Header Image: 2017 UNSW Sydney Angels Programme Participants

There are some useful metrics for the success of a startup pitch. The most objective one is whether you achieve your intended outcome (e.g. receiving funding or at least the next meeting). A more subjective one is the quality of the...

Joshua Flannery

Header Image: Monica Radclyffe, Centre Director, SETsquared Bristol Centre, University of Bristol

One thing I especially love about my job is the ability to build international links that can both support campus entrepreneurs looking to expand globally and bring overseas innovators (or...