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Collaborative innovation

Benefits for business

There are many advantages and benefits of working with UNSW on your research projects.

These benefits include:

  • access to some of the most expert minds in the world
  • low staff and capital expenditure costs compared with establishing an in-house research team and
  • the possibility to claim the R&D tax credit.

Making the most of the R&D Tax Credit

The R&D tax credit allows businesses to reduce their tax bill by an amount that is up to 45% of their R&D expenditure.

Usually a business must spend at least $20,000 on research per financial year to be eligible for the tax credit. However, this threshold does not apply to amounts paid to UNSW, so businesses that are only spending $15,000 per annum on research can claim the credit if they spend that money with us, but not if they spend it in-house.

We invite you to engage with us and share your product ideas, inventions or concepts with us. Please contact our team to find out more.