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Leading PV Company - founded by University inventors

BT Imaging

BT Imaging is a venture funded start-up company of UNSW and today is the world's leading supplier of luminescence-based quality control systems.

BT Imaging is a venture funded start-up company of UNSW and today is the world's leading supplier of luminescence-based inspection and quality control systems for the photovoltaic manufacturing industry.

BT Imaging designs and develops and supplies luminescence imaging systems for use in research, product and process development, inline manufacturing inspection, and quality control of silicon wafers, photovoltaic cells and photovoltaic modules.  The core technology of photoluminescence imaging for large area solar cells and wafers was developed at UNSW’s world-leading Centre of Excellence for Advanced Silicon Photovoltaics and Photonics by Robert Bardos and Thorsten Trupke.

BT Imaging’s patented technology uniquely allows real time electronic inspection of every wafer or solar cell processed through a manufacturing line. The company’s first product, the LIS-R1 has been sold to most leading international silicon solar cell and wafer manufacturers and research institutes. It was recently replaced by an improved model with significantly improved specifications, the LIS-R2. Inline wafer inspection systems, the iLS-W1 and more recently the iLS-W2 have also been deployed to a number cell and wafer manufacturers. The use of these tools inline in production is increasingly adopted by the industry. For more information visit:

Research and Innovation

Our beginnings are rooted in research and innovation, and these values remain fundamental to BT Imaging.

Our core photoluminescence (PL) imaging technology was invented in 2005 by our founders, Thorsten Trupke and Rob Bardos, during their research at the University of New South Wales in Australia. BT Imaging acquired the technology and patents during the founding of the company in 2007. Our first product, the LIS-R1, was a breakthrough in speed and resolution for PV manufacturers and institutes, enabling research and development to progress much faster. 

Whether it’s innovation of a new product or developing applications to solve process and quality issues across the supply chain, we work closely with photovoltaic manufacturers and research institutes around the world. Our latest tool, the QS-W2 measures PL images on as-cut wafers at full production throughput of 3600 wafers per hour and was born out of our customers’ urgent requirement for a quality control solution that met production requirements.