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Preventing Disability from Surgery

A team of world-class scientists from UNSW developed the first of its kind drug delivery device to protect nerves from damage and injury during surgery.

The technology was licensed by UNSW under Easy Access IP.  

The lead inventors Dr. Timothy Eviston and Professor Arun Krishnan, established a start-up company IntraVital Pty Ltd with plans to bring first neuroprotection product (SensoTM) to the market at the end of 2018.

Nerve injury during surgery is a major cause of disability, morbidity and suffering and is a very common cause of litigation. Over 50 000 procedures are performed in Australia alone where nerve preservation is an essential component of the procedure. These include Dental, Thyroid, carpal tunnel, hernia, facial surgery, vascular surgery and bladder and bowel surgery.

Although the severity of nerve injury ranges from mild to severe, a major problem for the surgeon is the ability to determine the extent of injury and prevent further damage during an operation. The rates of temporary or permanent nerve dysfunction range from 4 – 20%. 

IntraVital translates clinical stage technologies into new therapies to prevent disability.  Read more >