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UNSW Science of Innovation lab is the world’s first on-campus research lab focused on developing new ways to measure, examine & boost innovation; brain & bio hacks, performance boosting science.

Our Mission 

To scientifically map the ‘DNA’ of innovation; develop new ways to measure, examine and then boost the elements of innovation; codify evidence-based insights into best practices, exercises, workshops, classes and publications that will be shared with the UNSW community, business and academia and inform governmental policy on a global scale.

  1. To discover the mechanisms and processes of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  2. Develop new Innovation metrics and visualization methods to track UNSW innovation success. 
  3. To serve the UNSW and broader startup ecosystem with scientific validated research in entrepreneur strategies and tactics. 

This is a world first lab in which the research directly guides translation, practice and teaching, in an interactive symbiotic manner. 

We are building the field of innovation science, intersecting the study of innovation with Psychology and Neuroscience (the fundamentals controlling human behaviour), with its practice, and translating evidence-based insights into practical recommendations for students, entrepreneurs, corporations and policymakers at UNSW and around the world.

The lab director is Joel Pearson PhD, if you are interested in being involved in this research, sponsoring it or doing a PhD or master in this new area of research Contact our Student Entrepreneur Development team by emailing