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This technology has just been licensed

The first handheld mobile pollution monitoring system

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A simple mobile system to map environmental pollution was recently licensed by UNSW for free. The pollution exposure system collects and aggregates location based data.

The Technology was recently licensed for free

The pollution exposure estimation system collects and aggregates location based pollution data and conveniently provides an estimation of personal pollution exposure to a user via a smartphone application.

The ability to determine personal pollution exposure is useful to companies for OH&S and to individuals, particularly those with health conditions such as asthma.

There is also benefit to organisations that monitor pollution trends, hotspots, and events which cause high levels of pollution.

The system as it stands could serve as a platform for companies to build tools around pollution data and analysis, such as real-time traffic route-mapping that takes into account localised pollution information.

Key Benefits

  • Accuracy – sampling is precise
  • Sampling at location rather than fixed monitoring stations
  • The device is small and low powered
  • Mobility – it can be carried by individuals or placed in vehicles
  • Simple to use system that can be built and tailored to customer needs


  • OH&S employee exposure monitoring
  • Route and traffic planning

The Opportunity

This technology has been licensed for free under our Easy Access IP approach.