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This technology has just been licensed

Free eye tests at the movies in 20 seconds

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An eye test that can be viewed in a cinema, prior to a movie screening to test for macular degeration, has been licensed for free. This invention which was given away by UNSW researchers at no cost could save the vision of countless people - worldwide.

This Technology was recently licensed for free

A LED based projection unit is used by cinemas to project a simple vision test on the existing screen of the cinemas. When the test is projected, individuals with normal vision will see it differently to individuals with macular degeneration/eccentric fixation. A voice prompt will guide the audience to self-screen and follow up with a visit to the GP or Eye Care Professional if required.

Key Benefits

  • Early detection of macular degeneration
  • Diagnosis of eccentric fixation
  • Mass screening
  • Public awareness of eye health
  • Self-diagnosis without appointment
  • Prevention of blindness
  • An essential test for an aging population
  • Community service
  • Attract advertising revenue


The projection unit can be a valuable teaching aid in Schools of Optometry/Medicine. It will promote manufacture of LED spot lights and the electrical and optical components of the projector unit.

The Opportunity

A number of opportunities stem from adopting and screening this test in Cinemas:

  • Cinema Complexes – may run the test to attract advertising revenue from other sponsors.
  • Vision Institutes / Organisations / NFPs may choose to sponsor the screening tests in order to increase national awareness of MD / EF.
  • Optometrists / GPs – advertise their professional services
  • Pharmaceutical companies – advertise their medicines for eye health
  • Low Vision Aid manufacturers – advertise their products / brand.