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How private is your video conference?

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It's hard to believe that with all the advanced technology around that video conferences and Skype calls leave you at risk of hacking and attacks from cyber criminals. This invention provides secure video communication worldwide.

The Technology has recently been licensed for free

Given the technologically advanced world we live in, it’s hard to believe, that video conferences or Skype calls are not secure, leaving you at risk of eaves-dropping, espionage and even worse – attacks from cyber criminals.

This UNSW technology is a software solution that provides secure video communication, worldwide.

The software improves on the current state of the art technologies, to provide information security from the source computer’s camera and microphone to the display and speakers of the destination computer.

The software minimises risks of identity theft, information theft, attacks from cyber criminals and hacktivists and ensures the video communication can only be viewed on the specified display of the destination device.

Key Benefits

  • Total privacy – unlike current systems
  • Minimises attacks from cyber criminals
  • Maximum information security
  • Eliminates possible identity theft
  • Reduces your exposure to scams
  • Anti-Eavesdropping system

The Opportunity

This technology was licensed for free as an Easy Access Licence.