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A method to produce anti-ageing medicine

Invention Number: 
Repairing cellular DNA damage for anti-ageing

The invention

The invention provides a method for the mass production of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) via fermentation in genetically engineered yeast strains. 

NMN has been shown to repair cellular DNA damage and may have anti-ageing effects. Animal studies have shown mid-aged mice taking this vitamin lived 20% longer and were able to run faster than the mice in a control group. Despite the promising effects, NMN synthesised enzymatically may need to be purified.

Key Benefits

  • Mass production
  • May be cheaper to produce than chemical synthesis
  • The core technology has been patented

Potential Applications 

  • To develop an anti-ageing medication for human and veterinary use 

The Opportunity

This technology is available for free as an Easy Access IP Licence.
UNSW is seeking a partner to license this technology or to work with the researchers to further develop this technology.