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Rejuvenation Health Supplement

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Slowing ageing symptoms with supplements

The invention

Researchers at UNSW have discovered a method of using a naturally occurring molecular to rejuvenate aged mammals. In aged experimental models, the compound can stimulate the growth of blood vessels, reducing frailty, and improve exercise endurance.

UNSW is seeking to collaborate with an industry partner who has the capability to allocate resources to move this invention in clinical testing. 

Key Benefits

  • Enhancing blood vessel regeneration
  • Boosting vascular function
  • Reducing frailty
  • Improving endurance

Potential Applications 

  • May improve general health status
  • May improve sport performance
  • Slowing ageing related symptoms

The Opportunity

This technology is available for free as an Easy Access IP Licence.
UNSW is seeking a partner to license this technology or to work with the researchers to further develop this technology.