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UNSW Innovations is the technology transfer and innovation office of UNSW Australia

Together with our partners in industry, government and the community, we transform research discoveries into successful products and services to benefit society, the economy and future generations.

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Why innovate with us?

Easy access to cutting-edge research

Imagine if you could work directly with our researchers and benefit from their knowledge and expertise. It’s possible and it is easy.

We help businesses innovate

Whether you’re a small business or large corporate, you can tap into the University’s vast resources to help develop innovative products and services.

From bouncing around ideas with us at brainstorming sessions to working with some of the greatest scientific minds in the world, we bring researchers and industry together to collaborate, share knowledge and innovate.

Tap into our resources

Leica microsystems
LG Electronics

Our technologies

  • Renewable Plastics - converting the abundant waste of banana trees into eco-friendly packaging. UNSW researchers have developed a bioplastic technology to produce plastics from banana stems.
  • This invention will improve the safety of aeroplanes worldwide and could save the lives of countless people. It's a brilliant laser air speed sensor for both commercial planes or military.
  • UNSW researchers have developed an efficient Ion Exchange (IEX) desalination technology which is superior and lower in cost to the current state of the art technologies.

Free technologies - Easy Access IP

UNSW was the first University in Australia, and one of the first in the world, to offer the majority of our research discoveries and inventions for free. We call our approach of "giving innovation to the world" Easy Access IP.

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Water, Environment and Sustainability
Packaging from Banana Trees
Renewable Plastics - converting the abundant waste of banana trees into eco-friendly packaging. UNSW researchers have developed a bioplastic technology to produce plastics from banana stems.
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Biomedical Sciences
Visible-light cured dental and surgical materials
This invention is a new method to produce safer, non-toxic, more durable resins for the dental and medical professions.

Student Entrepreneurs - Start your own business

Turn your ideas into reality 

We encourage students to become entrepreneurs and leaders of the future


For UNSW staff and researchers

At UNSW Innovations we focus on helping researchers and staff transform research discoveries into successful innovations.

With a team of technically trained business managers with experience in commercial negotiations, legal matters and marketing technologies you can be assured of the best possible team at your service.

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What they're saying

OneSteel is proud of the collaboration with UNSW that is helping us take Polymer Injection Technology to the world steel industry.
UNSW Innovations has been instrumental in getting my research out to companies. Thanks to their efforts, we have 2 new industry partners - one in Australia, one from China, with both contributing research funding to further develop both technologies
The dedicated team at UNSW Innovations are an invaluable asset not only to the students and staff of UNSW, but also to the broader community of businesses and entrepreneurs in Australia.
The success of our business was due in no small part to UNSW Innovations’ involvement.
It’s fair to say that UNSW Innovations has made engagement with the University simple and worthwhile.
Our team is now working with the world’s biggest solar manufacturers through collaborative agreements with UNSW Innovations to commercialise this low-cost technology.
BlueScope has found that participation in the sandpit has brought a fresh, new perspective to insight gathering and idea generation. The variety of perspectives that arise through a sandpit, and the way they can build upon each other provides for very interesting and exciting outcomes.
UNSW Innovations has been cooperative, understanding and focused on outcomes that facilitate a better environment for me to follow my objectives of bring value back to the university from its research.
We truly enjoy working with UNSW and their new approach to intellectual property and contracts will only make those engagements easier.
Working with UNSW Innovations … has been straightforward and uncomplicated. It is also enabling a small business such as RSID to compete with the big name players such as Google, Microsoft and Apple.
The blueprint of best practice entrepreneur support, is basically what the UNSW Innovations department is currently doing.

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