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Archived March 2017

Joshua Flannery

Header Image: Theresa Lim – Play2Lead

2017 Confucius China Studies Program – Young Leaders

“Study Tour for Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

As UNSW looks to take its China related innovation and entrepreneurship related...

Shahe Momdjian
Header Image: 2017 UNSW Sydney Angels Programme Participants

There are some useful metrics for the success of a startup pitch. The most objective one is whether you achieve your intended outcome (e.g. receiving funding or at least the next meeting). A more subjective one is the quality of the...

Joshua Flannery

Header Image: Monica Radclyffe, Centre Director, SETsquared Bristol Centre, University of Bristol

One thing I especially love about my job is the ability to build international links that can both support campus entrepreneurs looking to expand globally and bring overseas innovators (or...

Joshua Flannery

The Startup Launch program at UNSW has gone through several evolutions since its humble beginnings in 2013, originally branded Startup Games and run across four weekends each March. Since then the team behind it has strengthened and the program has grown into three streams which will run four...