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Startup Launch 2017

Welcome to UNSW’s flagship entrepreneur development program, Startup Launch 2017. This year, the program is organised into three streams so we can support businesses at different stages of the startup journey with greater focus and more tailored content: 


Validation lightbulb_validation

For teams that have an idea and major potential but no existing product. They are unsure if the market really wants or needs their idea. Their business is just starting out and may not yet have an ABN. They can expect to complete this stream with new skills in: business goal-setting, validation (including market research), revenue models, cost structures, building a minimum viable product and pitching their business to various stakeholders. 

Growth growth insight

For teams that have achieved product-market fit. They have found a lucrative, preferably global, market that uses and enjoys their minimum viable product. They are receiving customer feedback and beginning to improve their offering. They can expect to complete this stream with new skills in: compliance and governance, marketing for growth, measurement, recruiting people and building culture as well as intermediate pitching. 

Scale and Investment

For advanced teams with a proven product and strong business fundamentals. They are beginning to look at ways of accelerating their growth in a variety ways, which can include raising capital. They can expect to complete this stream with valuable new contacts and skills in:  scaling options and strategies, constructing an attractive deal for an investor, negotiation and advanced pitching.

Intake 1, 2017

The Startup Launch will have 2 intakes in 2017, with applications for the first intake opening on 14 April 2017 and closing at 5 pm on Wednesday 3 May.

Any UNSW student or alum with an active startup or innovative idea can apply via RamenLife, our convenient UNSW startup community management platform:

Intake 1 Dates

For our first intake in 2017, each stream will receive a 2-hour weekly workshop on campus at UNSW. Workshop dates are as specified below. All workshops will likely take place between 10:00 am and 12:00 pm.



You can contact our Program Managers below with any questions or feedback:

Look forward to seeing you at the Startup Launch!


For those interested in applying to be a part of this program:

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