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The Student Entrepreneur Legal Centre (SELC) is a free legal service that supports students that are part of our student and alumni (within 5 years of graduation) entrepreneur community. Where a student/alumni founded business idea needs general commercial legal support, the Student Entrepreneur Development team will refer them to the SELC.

Services provided by SELC include:

  • Company registration and management advice. If a student would like to have more than one company registered, it will need to be discussed by the SED group and approved/considered on a case by case basis.
  • Intellectual property advice, including trade mark and design registration.
  • Business structuring advice (shareholder agreements etc).
  • Operational advice (standard terms and conditions, services agreements).
  • Privacy advice.
  • Consumer law advice.
  • Negotiation assistance.
  • Other forms of corporate and commercial advice.
  • Referral to external services providers.

The following services are not available at the SELC:

  • Comprehensive taxation law advice (basic tax issues may be explained if they are incidental).
  • Management or involvement in any dispute.
  • Employment law advice (other than template agreements and basic advice about the broad obligations of employers).

Contact our Student Entrepreneur Development team for a referral by emailing, or phone (02) 9385 5008 for more information.